Support of joint Czech - U.S. projects is based on the Agreement between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of the Czech Republic on Scientific and Technological Cooperation.

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic (MEYS) and the U.S. Department of State are the executive agents that monitor and coordinate cooperation in accordance with the Agreement. The MEYS authorized the American Science information agency (AMVIA) to administer Czech proposals and to prepare materials for the Joint Board meetings. Based on the proposals per review, the Joint Board recommends projects for approval to the MEYS within the Public Tender in Research, Development and Innovation (VES14) - Program of International Cooperation in R&D KONTAKT II (LH).


FUNding opportunities:

Joint Research Project - projects last 2 - 3 years, duration of the project may vary depending on the kind of research performed. The Czech Principal Investigator prepares a proposal together with his/her U.S. counterpart.

Grants awarded to the Czech researchers through the KONTAKT II Program are designed to support the bilateral cooperation in basic and applied research. Each side should cover basic costs connected with the research conducted on its territory from its own sources. Projects start based on contract signed by the MEYS and the Czech grantee institution in the calendar year following the year of submission usually in April.

U.S. side should confirm its participation and sufficient financial resources to cover U.S. participation in a project by grants from U.S. grant agencies (NSF, NIH etc.) and/or from institutional/private resources (Letter of intent).

Cooperation within the framework of the Agreement covers all fields of basic or applied research, e.g.:

-   basic sciences
-   technical sciences
-   health and medical sciences
-   energy
-   agriculture
-   environmental protection
-   standardization
-   utilization of natural resources
-   transportation
-   science and technology policy 

All Czech research institutions (Universities, Academy of Sciences, private etc.) are eligible to submit proposals for support.



Proposals should be submitted by the Czech researchers to the AMVIA (American Science Information Agency) and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.


Application and submission information for Czech researchers:

1. PROJECT PROPOSAL - project description in Czech language

2. LETTER OF INTENT - letter from U.S. counterpart institution includes:

• confirmation of the participation in the project,
• description of the U.S. partner role in the project and activities planned,
• anticipated benefits of the cooperation,
• U.S financial resources for the project cooperation and estimated costs (in USD ths).

Letter of Intent must be signed by the U.S. PI and U.S. Institutional Representative (Institutional Director/Fiscal Officer/Head of the Department).
In case there are two or more partners on U.S. side, it is necessary to provide one Letter of Intent from each U.S. partner.


All materials must be submitted in both written and electronic form to the AMVIA:

AMVIA - American Science Information Agency
Centre for International Cooperation in Education
Na Poříčí 1035/4
110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic

 Deadline for applications - September 6, 2013.


Project proposals for scientific cooperation between the CR and the USA are to be submitted also to the MEYS within the:
„Public Tender in Research, Development and Innovation (VES14) - Program of International Cooperation in Research and Development KONTAKT II (LH)."