Lectorates of the Czech Language and Literature abroad

Lectorates of the Czech Language and Literature abroad

Czech lectors teach students the Czech language at foreign educational institutions in various countries. According to the government decree, this is one of the forms of supporting the Czech cultural heritage abroad.

Lectorates of the Czech Language and Literature at foreign educational institutions abroad fulfill two-side commitments in the field of educational cooperation between the Czech Republic and the partner country.

Maintenance of the Czech cultural heritage abroad for the years 2011-2015 is a program included in the government decree of the Czech Republic number 262/20010,  as amended number 414/2012 - this is the main document clarifying the creation and activities of the lectorates.

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MEYS - http://www.msmt.cz/international-cooperation-1/czech-language-abroad) implements the government decree, decides the number of placements of lectors and summons the Commission for the Lectorates of the Czech Language and Literature. This Commission determines next treatment of the current lectors and selects new lectors, however, it is the foreign university concerned that chooses from among the nominees.

MEYS charges the Centre for International Services to conclude contracts with lectors. Besides, the Centre for International Services provides the lectorates with study materials, textbooks, periodicals, literature and so on. It can also provide other institutions of Czech studies with the same kind of materials, based on recommendations of the Czech embassies.

To see the list of lectorates of the Czech Language and Literature abroad, go to Dokumenty a formuláře.