CEEPUS - Information for incoming students

Information for incoming students

The National CEEPUS Office of the Czech Republic is pleased that you were awarded a scholarship in the framework of the CEEPUS Programme.
Please, make sure you have accepted your stay using the ACCEPT button on your desktop, and keep a copy of Obligations (it can be found here) for your information. Follow please all the points of Obligations including those on the visa and the health insurance.

Medical care for EU/EEA citizens who are properly insured in their home countries is provided in compliance with the Council (EEC) Regulation No. 1408/71 and the Council (EEC) implementing Regulation No. 574/72 - detailed information is available on the website of the Centre for International Reimbursements.

Note please that the expenses for repatriation are not covered by the provisions of the aforementioned Council Regulations and it is therefore advisable to contract an insurance policy to this end.

As regards non-EU/EEA citizens, the admitted applicants are required to arrange a health insurance policy for the period of their stay in the Czech Republic (for details please consult the consular section of the Czech Embassy in your country).

The last amendments to the Act on the Residence of Foreign Nationals on the territory of the Czech Republic have had an impact upon the system of coverage of medical expenses incurred by students from countries outside the EU/EEA, including scholarship-holders, whose study visits to the Czech Republic are to last longer than 90 days.

Prior to the granting of a visa for a stay exceeding 90 days, each applicant is obliged to submit the respective certificate of travel medical insurance issued by an insurance company authorised to provide such insurance on the territory of the Czech Republic or in another EU/EEA country, the applicant's home country or country of last residence. If the insurance policy is contracted with a company based abroad, the applicant is required to submit an officially certified translation of the policy and general terms and conditions of his/her insurance in the Czech language as well as, upon request, a certificate of the insurance coverage for the entire period of stay in the Czech Republic.

Please consult the consular section of the Czech Embassy in your country to find out about detailed requirements applying to the minimum scope of compulsory insurance policy.

Detailed information on regulations governing residence on the territory of the Czech Republic is available on the website of the Ministry of the Interior at  

Please contact your CEEPUS coordinator/partner of your host institution as soon as possible to make sure that the payment of your scholarship and the accommodation are being arranged for you. Please keep the International Office (IRO) of your host university informed as well.

You can contact this person also with questions concerning your study programme, courses available and the scholarship payment.

The scholarship rates:

Bachelor and Master students............9000 CZK/month 

PhD students......................................9500 CZK/month

Teachers …………………………......900,- CZK/day (or 27 000,- CZK/month).